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Our Builders Clean Service includes




Please note:

Our Builders Clean Service does not include professional window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning and We require access to electricy and water in the premises.

Cleaning Services

You might think you only require one of our services but the real benefit to you is using us for both: you only deal with one company, receive one invoice and only have to manage the movement of one team on your site and most importantly no more waiting for a second company to arrive! This saves you both time and money....


As a sealant company we understand the level of clean that is required to get the professional finish you require with no fuss or time wasting.

We offer a cost-effective Builder and Sparkle cleans and service you can rely on.


Our experienced cleaning professionals are fully insured and equipped with the latest equipment and cleaning products.


If you have any specific requirements we are more than happy to tailor our service to your needs, for example as well as our standard service we can also offer a "Green Clean" service - As a company EJS are environmentaly aware if you would like to find aout more about our Green Credentials or are interested in our "Green Clean" Cleaning Service please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to suppliy MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for all of our products where commercially available.

  • Full dust removal, builders mess including paint and plaster

  • Windows - clean inside, tape and label removal, open and clean on edges, sills

  • Living areas and bedrooms - clean radiators, skirting and architraves, light switches and electrial sockets, light fittings, smoke alarms, floors scraped and cleaned, doors and frames, loft hatch and ladder, tables and other furniture, vacuum carpets.

  • Kitchens - clean cupboards inside and out, surfaces, all white    goods inside and out, sink and taps descaled and cleaned, tiles  both floor and wall

  • Bathroom - disinfect and clean floors and toilet, descale sink,bath and shower including doors, clean surfaces, clean tile wall and floor, polish mirrors

  • All our builders cleaning services are tailored to meet your specific cleaning requirements.

  • All our builders cleaning staff have received COSHH (Control  of Substances Hazardous to Health) training in the use of  cleaning chemicals and fluids used and have the PPE required.

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